– free information, tutorials, and much more is one of the best on-line resources to learn all about accessibility of all Apple’s products and the IOS platform.
No matter if you are an advanced user of Apple products or if you have just acquired your first IOS device, this site will provide you with enough info to get started and a lot more …
You will not only find a myriad of audio tutorials, tips and tricks related to accessibility of Apple devices, but this is also where you will find the most comprehensive directory of IOS apps that have been developed for and tested by blind and visually impaired users.
If you are an app developer, this is also a place to interact with users on the issue of accessibility.

Crafts – Accessible Origami – text-only instructions for blind and visually impaired crafters to make various objects from folded paper

Lindy van der Merwe established the Accessible Origami Project in 2009. After becoming interested in origami, aka paper folding, she became frustrated with the fact that though there were lots of information available on origami on the Internet, almost all resources relied on visual representations. The Accessible Origami Project is different, in that it comprises no drawings, pictures or visual clues of any kind. Instructions are in text-only format. “I am hopeful that this project will help to make origami more accessible to children and adults who are blind or have low vision. It is geared towards those who would like to pursue origami on their own or who would like to teach it to those with visual impairment or even children and adults with special needs, who might benefit from learning in non-visual ways.”
To download the two text files that are available so far, enter on the links below.
For any questions, comments, suggestions or if you have contributions of your own, you may contact Lindy by sending a message to, with “Accessible Origami” in the subject line.

Welcome to Inclusive Net .com

The aim of this site will be to create a platform for those who make use of alternative methods of learning and teaching. It is especially aimed at blind and visually impaired users. We all learn in different ways, but there can be no doubt that we live in a world where learning through pictures, diagrams and demonstrations have become the norm. Not only does this situation present a challenge for those who are blind or have low vision, but coupled with the fact that learning materials are inaccessible in general, it is hoped that a platform for inclusive learning could be created to help bridge the gap and to enable those who learn in a non-visual way, to take up the challenge of learning, furthering their skills and attain a better quality of life through using the power of technology and the Internet.

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